Who Said Friday the 13th was Unlucky??

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Getting fit

Brynn and Sarah- gym buddies


Friday the 13th: the bearer of bad news and bad luck. Not so fast! This Friday the 13th brought good news and good luck to the Showalter family and a certain Pit Bull. First off, on the weight loss/fitness front- Brynn lost 7 lbs. and I lost 5 lbs. Woo Hoo!!! Brynn worked very hard for those seven pounds and finding the time to exercise last week wasn’t easy for her. Although school doesn’t start until August 24, she went back to school last Monday because of E-board (Student Government.) At Brandon High School their E-board returns two weeks before the start of school to get ready for Freshman orientation, plan their calendar for the year, work on homecoming and help the administration get ready for the first week of school. Monday thru Thursday she went in at 8:30 and stayed until 3:30, then Tuesday thru Thursday, she had to work at her part-time job after school. Friday was her one day off from both school and work and instead of using that as an excuse to slack off, she went to the gym. Although she thought about staying home, with a little encouragement she and her friend, Sarah chose exercise over lying around. Her dedication to eating healthier and exercising paid off with her weight loss and her clothes fitting better.     

 Brynn is not the only one whose clothes feel looser. My shorts that fit well just a week ago, are starting to bag on me. I can’t say that I mind that. I didn’t join the gym, but I have done some video-on-demand workouts and aerobic housework. Instead of just pushing the vacuum around, I turned up the music and did some “Salsa vacuuming.” If the neighbors were looking in through the sliding glass doors, they probably got a chuckle out of watching me dance around the living room like Jennifer Gray in “Dirty Dancing”, except my dance partner sucked (ahh, yes, the bad pun!) and wasn’t nearly as handsome as Patrick Swayze.     

As I said in my Motivation! post, we already started searching for dogs. Brynn contacted Dogma Rescue about a Pit Bull named Adrianne. They told us she was still available, so we went ahead and filled out an application to get the ball rolling so that we could meet her. After they checked us out, we set a date for a home visit so that everyone could get together and we could test out how well Mango and Shadow would get along with Adrianne.      

On Friday the 13th, Anne-Marie from Dogma and Robin, the lady fostering Adrianne, arrived at our house at around 5:30. We did the human introductions first. Adrianne is a very sweet, loving, energetic chocolate-brown Pit Bull who has had a very hard life. Whoever owned her before put her through the torture of home-cropping her ears. I can only imagine the pain she must have gone through when that heartless butcher cut off her ears almost to her scalp. She was obviously used as a breed dog, to bring in more Pit Bulls for an already over-populated breed, which makes up the majority of all breeds found in animal shelters. Robin’s boyfriend is the one that found Adrianne at a gas station one night. Anne-Marie and Robin let us know that when she was found she was skinny, had large, swollen teets, that were hard and crusty, a lot of the fur on her back was missing probably from her chewing because of fleas and her skin was riddled with Pyoderma, a skin infection.  As with many street dogs, she also tested positive for heartworms, so Dogma had her treated. Life had beaten her up, but she managed to remain a sweetheart, quickly fitting in with her foster family, who had two young children.     

The human meeting went well, so it was time for the animals to have their turn. Shadow, our 13-year-old German Shepherd went first, as she has a very calm temperament. Shadow went out front and promptly ignored Adrianne. Adrianne sniffed at her a bit, but took her cue from Shadow and basically ignored her too. Now it was time for Mango’s turn. After an initial show of aggression on Mango’s part, which we expected, the girls started sniffing each other vigorously. It was immediately evident that Adrianne took the submissive role and let Mango lead the meeting. We took them on a short walk and then out in the back yard, to let them get to know each other better, while we weren’t holding their leashes. They got along great! One last test for Adrianne: Spice, the cat. Although Adrianne was intensely curious about Spice, with a few verbal warnings we stopped her before she could chase or before Spice could swat.     

With all the animals getting along and our desire to adopt, we went ahead and brought Adrianne into our family. Anne-Marie was so pleased, because she thought Adrianne wasn’t likely to find a forever home, due to her extremely cropped ears and her “udders”, which are admittedly not the prettiest things. Since she wasn’t used to her name, we decided to change it from Adrianne to Brownie, because of her deep chocolate color and her sweet demeanor. Our family is adjusting to having a new dog, and Mango and Brownie did have a small skirmish, which Chris quickly broke up. We have found that both Mango and Brownie are attention hogs and want to compete to see who can wash your face the most.     

This Friday the 13th brought the welcome news of Brynn and my weight loss and good luck for a Brownie pup. Brynn still has 8 more pounds to lose and Brownie is continuing to adjust to her new home. Tune back in for updates on Brynn and Brownie.

  1. Art Fyvolent says:

    I heard about the adoption yesterday (saturday) from Anne Maria, and was so happy for Brownie, your family and Dogma for working together to give her a forever home. Your story is right on – there are too many pits and not enough families and we in the “pit world” thank you from the bottom of our hearts for opening your heart to this sweet girl, looking beyond yesterday and seeing a beautiful tomorrow for her and her new family.

    Thank you for saving her and giving her the life she so deserved.


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