Losing More Than Just Weight

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Getting fit
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Brownie looking stylish in her Body Glove shirt.


I mentioned in my very first post, that I would lose my heart to the Pit Bull we rescued. I was not wrong.  

 Little Brownie has been with us for a week now and is as sweet as her name. She loves to follow us around and has made fast friends with Mango. Her first visit to Dr. Christy at Timberlane Pet Hospital in Plant City went very well and included many doggie kisses. She weighed in at 52.7 lbs, which is up by 5 lbs. since her first vet visit in June. She likes to eat! We are teaching her the sit command, which she is doing well with, but aren’t having much luck with any other commands yet. It will just take some time. We got word back that she was positive for whipworms, so she’ll have a little something mixed in her food for the next three days to kill those off, then we repeat that in three weeks. Dr. Christy said her “doolaps” (as Chris calls her drooping dog teets,) will most likely shrink up some, but it may take a long time. I’m actually getting kind of used to them, but when we take her out in public, we put a shirt on her for modesty sake. We wouldn’t want the other dogs to make fun of her.   

 It was weigh in day. Brynn is now at 144 lbs and I am at 147 lbs. I am so proud of her. With her schedule, she’s found it impossible to workout this past week, but she has stayed active and continued to eat right, so she is down by 8 lbs. in two weeks. I’ve done a few exercises and helped Chris on some details, which I’m sure has managed to sweat out a few pounds, since this heat won’t quit. I still find myself craving sweets, especially chocolate, but I have stayed away from all sugary drinks, with the exception of Gatorade when we are detailing cars. I never thought I would see the day that both Brynn and I chose unsweet tea over Coke or even sweet tea. Let me tell you, Lipton cold brewed tea is awesome! You can make it in three minutes and it tastes so good. To top it off, it has no calories and anti-oxidants that can help the body. I had found Twinings cold brewed mint green tea, but now everywhere I look for it, it’s gone. If anyone see’s it, let me know where.  

Brynn showing off her "Death Eater" tattoo.


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