Time to Make the Donuts

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Getting fit

I look at my daughter and wonder how she is doing it. For the whole summer, even though she had a part-time job at Chick-fil-a, they didn’t give her very many hours during the week. Then starting in early August, she returned two weeks before school started, because of her E-board (Student Govt.) duties. At the same time she went back to school, her job added more hours to her schedule. When she agreed to start exercising and dieting to adopt a Pit Bull, she had quite a bit of time on her hands and was able to drop 8 lbs. quickly and easily. Now, with the start of classes, two of which are AP, one honors and even an online science class, all the homework that goes along with her classes,  plus acting as VP for E-board, joining Key club, starting the Harry Potter club, working anywhere from 22-28 hours a week and trying to have some sort of social life in the very little time she has off, exercise has taken a back seat. When I remind her about it, she tells me, “That’s easy for you to say, Mom.” She’s right, it is easy for me to say. I hate seeing her leave the house at 7:00 am and not get home until 10:00 pm, still with AP US History (apush) reading to do and English homework to finish. I remember my Junior year of high school well. It was my hardest year, and I didn’t have a part-time job and my weekends were usually free, not filled with SGA work-days followed by more Chick-fil-a. I picture her like the Dunkin Donuts guy from the early 80’s commercial where she gets up early every single day and her life only revolves around school and work. The thing about all of this is, she’s doing great. She’s tired, and if they ask if anyone wants to leave early from work, she jumps at the chance, but she’s doing all of her reading, she’s studying, she keeping up her grades and she doesn’t call in sick to work. That is one amazing kid, in my opinion. So, while her weight loss has slowed down, she is still trying to maintain her eating habits and keep off the weight she has lost so far. By the way, that picture of her is by A.L.L Photography and I think Ashley, the photographer did a great job.

I’ve also managed to drop nine pounds! It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen 143 on my scale. For the past week, however, I put most exercise on hold as my back decided it wanted to remind me that I actually have one. I threw my back out in January and I’m here to tell you, I’d rather go through labor than experience that again. A very sweet friend of mine, Michele, who happens to be a massage therapist agreed to try to help relieve some of my pain with a deep tissue massage. While the massage felt wonderful (Thank you so much, Michele!) my back still hurt. It has started feeling better. I was even able to go out for a full day of auto detailing with Chris on Thursday. It still let me know it was there, but at least I got up and moved around for the day.

As I’m typing this post, Brownie has her head laying in my lap. This dog loves people. I think she was deprived of human contact before we had her, so she makes up for it now. She and Mango get along great. They love to play together. They will play fight for hours. It’s funny to watch, because they both open their mouths and bare their teeth, but yet are very gentle with each other. Every once in a while, someone will bite a little too hard somewhere, and we hear a small yelp, but ever since the second day, they have never once gotten in a fight. You can tell old lady Shadow sometimes wishes she could join in, but her hips can’t handle the playful antics of the two youngsters. Other times, Shadow lets out a small growl just to let them know to leave her alone. Brownie and Mango comply. Shadow could easily get hurt by these two dogs in a fight, yet she maintains her alpha status even at her advanced years.

This past week, a woman in Pinellas County was attacked by a Pit Bull. In the article they show the dog, an unneutered male, and mention that he was kept chained up outside, but broke loose from his chain. Instead of placing the blame where it belongs, on the owner, people want to blame the breed. While Pit Bulls are a very powerful breed, if you raise them with love and proper discipline, you will have  a dog that is perfectly safe around anybody, including children. Unfortunately for this breed, they seem to attract low-life people who intentionally want them to look and act vicious. To that end, they will abuse the dogs and train them to attack. What I find amazing is that we know Brownie was neglected and most likely abused, yet she has the sweetest temperament. All she wants is to lick you, sit next to you, play with Mango, sleep and eat. Yet, there are people out there that don’t like her simply because of her breed.  They are missing out on a truly wonderful breed.


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